Bird ControlBird Control and Removal

Birds – whether pigeons, sparrows or any other type of bird – will nest almost everywhere and anywhere that is elevated and sheltered. This includes chimneys and eavesdrops as well as dryer vents and roof vents.

Damage and Nuisance Caused by Birds

Bird nests are built well and sturdy so when in your chimney they can be a big problem, plugging it up and causing poor ventilation or worse. If the birds decided to build their nest in your eavesdrop it can obstruct it and cause poor run off and damage to the roof from over flow. Some birds will dive at a persons head, including small children, if they feel their young are threatened. Bird control issues should be addressed as soon as you notice them.

How Can We Get Rid of Your Bird Problems?

If you have noticed birds populating your property and starting to build nests in or immediately within your property, call the professionals at Regional Wildlife Services. We’ll provide you a free inspection and are fully qualified to remove and prevent the birds from nesting in your home!

Let Regional Wildlife Services be the solution to your bird problem.

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