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Why squirrels and racoons love your attic?

As the temperatures drop this winter, you may have to worry about pests invading your home. Your attic provides a tempting place for squirrels and raccoons to get comfortable, especially if they have babies coming and they need to build a nest!

But why is your attic such a draw for them?
Why squirrels & raccoons will […]

Squirrels or Raccoons: Which is the bigger nuisance?

Squirrels and raccoons are both pests you don’t want in your home. They can be hard to remove, and can create quite a bit of damage in their wake. But which one is actually the bigger nuisance? Read on as we compare!
Squirrels vs Raccoons
Damage to your home
Squirrels: These critters are chewers. From your shingles to […]

Top Ways to Deter and Get Rid of Raccoons

You may think of raccoons as cute, furry little animals but they’re actually quite the nuisance! Before they get in – deter raccoons to save you grief (and cost) later! They will enter your yard and home seeking food, shelter and water and if they find any, they are quite hard to get rid of. […]

Squirrels vs. Raccoons: Whats the Bigger Threat?

When comparing squirrels versus raccoons, you may not be sure which one is the biggest nuisance overall. Some people even say theyre in cahoots with one another, working as a team! In any case, if youve ever dealt with either of these pests, you know how much of a problem they can be. Lets see […]

Animals in Your Attic (and What They Sound Like)


The attic, nearly all homes have one but you dare not go in there – and thus it is the perfect place for wildlife and pests to take up shelter! Are you noticing weird noises in your home? If they’re coming from above, you may have animals in your attic. Figure out what you’re dealing […]

Protecting Your Home from Raccoons

Raccoons can be a real problem if you live in an urban setting. These little buggers can cause a host of problems for you and your family. Not only are they aggressive, often getting into fights with pets, they are also destructive to property, breaking open trashcans and pushing their way through windscreens, all for […]

Raccoon Strain Rabies Update for Burlington, Oakville and Ontario

Our colleagues at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have shared updated statistics for raccoon strain rabies. It’s important that Burlington and Oakville residents keep an eye out for raccoons encroaching on their property. With baby season upon us, raccoons love to get into home attics. They’ll cause damage, unsanitary conditions and of course, […]

Raccoon Habits: You’ve Got to Know What You’re Dealing With

You’ll have far better luck at getting rid of unwanted raccoons, or preventing them from moving onto your property in the first place, if you first familiarize yourself with some of their habits. We know wildlife and without further ado, here are some raccoon habits that everyone ought to know.
Know Raccoons to Remove Raccoons!
1. Raccoons […]

How to Prevent Raccoon Damage

Raccoons are extremely resourceful pests that like to take the easy way out when it comes to finding a den. Rather than build their own, raccoons will happily move into your crawl space, attic, or chimney instead. They aren’t picky eaters either, which means there are tons of things on your property that might be […]

Raccoon Control: Tips to Get Rid of Them (And Why You Should Do It!)

Raccoons aren’t the cute, furry, friendly creatures that the cartoons portray. They are, in fact, a pest throughout Burlington and Oakville – and officially classified as such by the Canadian government. If in your home, you’ll want to get rid of raccoons fast!
What’s wrong with raccoons?
For starters, they tend to invade people’s homes any way […]