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Opossums. Pesky Pests that are Tough to Get Rid Of! Here’s Why

Opossums (or, possums) aren’t necessarily dangerous to humans but they can be quite a nuisance. Opossums will enter your property looking for food, water and shelter, and leave a trail of fecal matter and damage in their wake. Yes, oppossums can be nuisance pests!

Read on to find out why you want to prevent opossums from […]

Signs You Have Squirrels in Your Attic (and Why You Need to Remove them Fast)

All homeowners need to be aware of the signs that indicate there are squirrels in your attic. If left to their own devices for too long, they can become a real nuisance and cause serious damage to your home that may be expensive to repair. Here are the details you need to know.
Clues that indicate […]