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Squirrels vs. Raccoons: Whats the Bigger Threat?

When comparing squirrels versus raccoons, you may not be sure which one is the biggest nuisance overall. Some people even say theyre in cahoots with one another, working as a team! In any case, if youve ever dealt with either of these pests, you know how much of a problem they can be. Lets see […]

Animals in Your Attic (and What They Sound Like)


The attic, nearly all homes have one but you dare not go in there – and thus it is the perfect place for wildlife and pests to take up shelter! Are you noticing weird noises in your home? If they’re coming from above, you may have animals in your attic. Figure out what you’re dealing […]

Protection from Wildlife Baby Season – It’s Time to Winterize Your Property

Squirrels are one of the most common pests that property owners do battle with, and now is the time to take preventative measures against them. And the earlier you take steps to keep them out of your home or business, the better. With winter on our doorstep, and it being well before wildlife baby season […]

Animals in the Attic – Telltale Signs and What to Do!

Finding animals in the attic is more common than you might think, and needs to be dealt with promptly in order to prevent them from causing any more damage than they already have.

Before you call a wildlife services removal company near you, here’s some helpful info and you might be able to troubleshoot your home […]

How to Get Rid of Birds in Your Dryer Vents – Now!

To get rid of  birds from your dryer vents, you need to get started now
The sweet chirp of birds can be a joy to listen to – unless the sound of their music is coming from the nest they’ve built in your dryer vent. Assuming you don’t want to stop using your dryer and instead, […]

Skunk Problems: What to do When a Skunk Enters Your Property

Figuring out what to do when a skunk enters your property is a dilemma that many homeowners face. Here’s what you need to know about these creatures, including what they can do to your property and how to stop them.
Problems that skunks can cause on your property
They may leave a stinky smell behind if something […]

Animal Noises from my Ceiling and Walls – What Now?

There’s an Animal Noise coming from our Attic! No Wait, it’s Coming from the Walls!
You’re a proud homeowner and want to keep your house clean and your family safe. Unfortunately, there’s nuisance pests out there lurking and looking for a way in. Typically, they want to nest to get out of the cold, find food, […]

Raccoon Strain Rabies Update for Burlington, Oakville and Ontario

Our colleagues at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have shared updated statistics for raccoon strain rabies. It’s important that Burlington and Oakville residents keep an eye out for raccoons encroaching on their property. With baby season upon us, raccoons love to get into home attics. They’ll cause damage, unsanitary conditions and of course, […]

How to Keep Animals Out of My House and Garden!

Animals can be a pleasure to watch from afar, but when they invade your yard or home without permission, that often means war.  Let’s face it, animals can be pests requiring removal. They gobble up the fresh veggies and berries in your garden.  They chew on the bark of your ornamental trees, sometimes to the […]