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The average adult raccoon weighs about 20-30 pounds. They usually breed in late January or early February, and give birth in May. However late breeding females may not give birth until July or august. The mother will give birth to an average litter of 4-6 babies.

Damage and Nuisance Caused by Raccoons

Raccoons are climbers and usually enter people’s homes using the roof of their house. Either through roof vents, roof soffit intersections, chimneys or anywhere they can find or make a point of entry. Once inside they nest, damaging insulation, and chewing wires which can cause irritating noises late at night. They will also use their new nesting ground as a bathroom which can be hazardous as raccoon’s feces is highly toxic.

How Can We Get Rid of Your Raccoon Problems?

If you come into contact with a raccoon do not approach it. Call us as we are qualified to handle the raccoon problem. If you think there is a family of raccoons somewhere in your house, this is a job for professionals – we will remove them and help you with preventing them from entering again. We will inspect your attic to and assess if it should need to be restored and decontaminated due to raccoon feces build-up. We are qualified to do it all!

Let Regional Wildlife Services be the solution to your raccoon problem.

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