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How Do I Know if a Squirrel is in My Attic?          

Finding out that you have squirrels in your attic is a surprise that most people aren’t excited about. While they might seem like cute and fun animals when you watch them run around your yard, they can actually be quite the nuisance. There are many signs to watch for if you suspect that a squirrel [...]

How Do I Know if a Squirrel is in My Attic?          2020-11-18T18:48:35+00:00

Your Wildlife Prevention Checklist 

As the weather warms up you might start seeing more wildlife hanging around your yard and trying to get into your home. Spring is baby season for many animals, so there’s a good chance they will be looking for a safe place to nest in order to prepare for their upcoming litter. Though they may [...]

Your Wildlife Prevention Checklist 2020-09-03T16:00:42+00:00

Why squirrels and racoons love your attic?

As the temperatures drop this winter, you may have to worry about pests invading your home. Your attic provides a tempting place for squirrels and raccoons to get comfortable, especially if they have babies coming and they need to build a nest! But why is your attic such a draw for them? Why squirrels & [...]

Why squirrels and racoons love your attic?2020-09-03T16:00:43+00:00

The Dangers of DIY Pest Removal

When you hear scratches in your walls, scurrying in your ceiling or banging in your attic, it’s easy to immediately feel a sense of dread at the steps that have to come next. Rather than calling a professional, you might be tempted to search online for a do-it-yourself pest removal tactic. But those DIY methods [...]

The Dangers of DIY Pest Removal2020-09-03T16:00:43+00:00

Squirrel Baby Season in Ontario – Prepare to Prevent Entry!

With winter quickly approaching and spring following close behind, it’s nearly time to start protecting your home from squirrels looking for a place to have their babies. For most of the year these pesky critters will look for a warm, dark and safe place to nest, then wreak havoc on your home and yard. Once [...]

Squirrel Baby Season in Ontario – Prepare to Prevent Entry!2020-09-03T16:00:43+00:00

If Mice Live in Your Attic – Does anybody Hear?

When you think of pests in your attic, think MICE! Despite your attic being target #1 by  squirrels or raccoons, mice are tiny critters that can be so much more of a hassle! Mice will enter your home looking for a warm place to hide and have babies, turning a small problem into a significant infestation in [...]

If Mice Live in Your Attic – Does anybody Hear?2020-09-03T16:00:43+00:00

Squirrels or Raccoons: Which is the bigger nuisance?

Squirrels and raccoons are both pests you don’t want in your home. They can be hard to remove, and can create quite a bit of damage in their wake. But which one is actually the bigger nuisance? Read on as we compare! Squirrels vs Raccoons Damage to your home Squirrels: These critters are chewers. From [...]

Squirrels or Raccoons: Which is the bigger nuisance?2020-09-03T16:00:43+00:00

Squirrel Chewing Habits: Their Fun Wreaks Havoc on your Home

Those cute little squirrels running around your backyard and playing in your trees might be fun to watch, but they can be pesky critters when they want to be! The most irritating thing about squirrels is their penchant for chewing pretty much anything that gets in their way. Whether it’s wood around your home or [...]

Squirrel Chewing Habits: Their Fun Wreaks Havoc on your Home2020-09-03T16:00:43+00:00

Top Ways to Deter and Get Rid of Raccoons

You may think of raccoons as cute, furry little animals but they’re actually quite the nuisance! Before they get in - deter raccoons to save you grief (and cost) later! They will enter your yard and home seeking food, shelter and water and if they find any, they are quite hard to get rid of. [...]

Top Ways to Deter and Get Rid of Raccoons2020-09-03T16:00:43+00:00

Animals in the Attic? That can be a Huge Problem!

If you’ve ever had an animal in your attic, you know it’s true that it’s a space they love to live in! For most small animals your attic will offer a safe, warm place for them to live, nest and survive cold climates. You might be inclined to feel bad for them but having any [...]

Animals in the Attic? That can be a Huge Problem!2018-06-19T15:48:20+00:00

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